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This is my second blog, in preparation for Run to Refuge, that gives you my fantastic supporters a chance to see what I get up to. This week's training has been highly progressive and to be honest really quite fun. I enjoyed running along the river on Tuesday, but later on, in the week proved to be tougher than usual, but I am taking it in my stride.

Making sure that I maintain a nutritious diet while training is very important so I am continuing my partnership with the awesome brand TRIBE, they have been sending me deliveries of between 6 to 18 performance nutrition products, tailored to my training regime.

For those of you who have been asking about my training and which techniques I have been using; I have been working with Coach Rob Wilby of Oxygen Addict for the last four years and we have focused on consistency and a high number of Easy Pace Runs. Alongside, back to back long runs on the weekends. I am always using the technique of nine-minute run and one minute walk since a large amount of any ultra-endurance event is spent walking.

This week I have been following the structured plan which I have decided to share with you:

● Monday - Massage and Strength conditioning

● Tuesday - Morning; 50-minute low-end easy pace run. Afternoon; 50-minute easy pace run

● Wednesday - 50-minute easy pace run

● Thursday - 60-minute steady hill run

● Tuesday - Morning; 50-minute low-end easy pace run. Afternoon; 50-minute easy pace run

● Saturday - 120-minute steady hill run

● Sunday - 150-minute long run (using a 9-minute run, 1 min walk strategy)

Over the past few weeks and months, I have come to truly appreciate how many volunteers it takes to put an ultramarathon together and ensure its smooth delivery. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has signed up and helped me so far, and those who intend to help me during Run to Refuge. Also, I have decided to assist the crew for The XNRG Pilgrims Challenge - a 66-mile ultramarathon, over two days. I think it is really important to give back to the sport and show others support. Whether they are running in the event or assisting as crew members, no job is too small and everything counts and is appreciated. I will update you all again next week!

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