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Tom's Day Off

We've reached the second rest day today, and Tom's taking so literally that he's delegated writing a blog post to his support crew... will there be anything else, sir?! :-p

When Tom asked me to help out with supporting him on this project I had a very different impression of what it would entail: sure, driving him about a bit, and maybe even getting some laundry done whilst he's out running, but between stops I had a busy schedule of beer gardens, book reading, and maybe messing around with some python code (everyone needs to unwind somehow). I even packed my guitar. How naïve!

Much of it is my own fault I guess... I could just drive the van about and keep him company and of course Tom would be very grateful for that and would make all the rest of it work, but this project has got under my skin, especially as I've seen what Tom is putting himself through to complete it. The measure of success isn't purely pounds, shillings, and pence, but if this project doesn't get the traction and following it deserves we will have missed a trick.

We've been on the road with this for just over a week, and at each stage I've found myself wanting to work out how to 'step it up' so that we can all make this the success this needs to be. That started with learning what Tom needs at each checkpoint - what selection of food and drink, then came helping with the social media posts getting the message out, and has moved on to a lot of coordinating with local runners who want to join in for a few kilometres (and often much more!)

There is a support network (and it's growing) and I think we're all having to work hard at figuring out exactly what it's going to take to make this a roaring success and what each of us can bring to the party, but it's not like there's any training on "What to do when a friend or family member decides to do something crazy for charity"

Until there is, I think the job of being out here on the road with Tom is just going to be as big as that person wants it to be... it seems there's always a bit more to give if you want to, and I'm enjoying pushing myself in that way and finding out what I'm capable of (that doesn't involve actually running around two countries!)

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