Running across Europe to end the exploitation of Refugees starting in May 2020 in aid of


Run to Refuge is a 2000 mile run from Greece to London to raise awareness of the needs of the most vulnerable people in society including refugees and survivors of exploitation and modern slavery. By making the journey across Europe on foot I will experience some of the challenges that refugees experience and highlight how the right of asylum is fundamental to a compassionate society.


Run to refuge is raising money for the Tribe Freedom Foundation to support their aim of ending modern slavery.


If you would like to donate to the cause please head over to JustGiving and let's end modern slavery together.


If you would like to consider joining me for part of or all of the run to run or be part of the support crew, I would love to hear from you so please do get in touch using the form below.


I am also hoping to find people who might be able to provide some support along the way, perhaps with driving a support vehicle, providing accommodation or even some financial assistance. If you think you can help at all please do get in touch. Any support would be very gratefully received. 


Thanks so much 



  • Tom Crossland

Route Part 1 version 2 - Athens to Kosovo

About a month ago I published my intended route through Greece and I asked for comments and I got some that has made me rethink my route. I was planning on heading west in Greece to the Albanian border and then through central Ablania to Montenegro. I'm now planning on heading north through Greece to Macedonia and on to Kosovo (here is a link to the rough route)

The plan is now to head north out of Athens, taking the back roads to Thiva (60km). From Thiva its then on to Lavadia (110km) and on to Lamia (200km) over the next 2-3 days. Larissa will be the next city on the route at 300km, I expect this to take 2 days from Larissa. I'm going to aim for Polyfytos Reservoir at 400km, which I'll cross via the 1.3km bridge, within approximately 8 days.

Once across the lake it's a straight run to the Macedonian border at Niki (530km) roughly 3 days later and the first Macedonian city of Bitola (550km) and a rest day.

The aim will then be to head north to Skopje (730km), to get to Skopje I'll be crossing the first mountain pass of the journey near Gorno Jabolchishte at 2300 meters. I expect it will take roughly 4-5 days to get to Skopje depending on the weather and conditions it the mountains.

From Skopje, its 40km to the border with Kosovo at Elez Han and on into Kosovo. In Kosovo I hope to pick up an extension to the Via Dinarica, mapped by Eva as part of her Via Dinarica project (link to her route here)

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