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Just over 3 weeks until it all starts

So... sitting here on my bike having an easy recovery spin it is sinking in that in 22 days I will set off, it is all getting very real now. I finish work in just over 2 weeks and I still feel like there is so much to do, but it is all coming together. The route is set, the gpx files for each day can be found here. If you fancy joining me for a long day out (I'll be moving slowly) then you can download the routes from the link.

Training has been going well and now is in a maintenance phase, aimed at keeping things moving and being really flexible so I can fit in seeing friends and family in and getting things ready. I'm taking the approach that by this time the training is done and there is little purpose in trying to cram now, although this is very tempting.

I now have support drivers for the whole journey and the accommodation is starting to be sorted. I have been blown away by the generosity of friends and strangers offering what they can to support my challenge. I had hoped that this would be the case and had faith in the kindness of people, but until I asked for help I was not sure that the community would come through.

With the latest announcement from the government that the next relaxation is happening next week, if anyone has a spare room and could put me and my driver up for a night then that'd be awesome. Please check out the plan (here) and get in touch.

I have nutrition and hydration products arriving and pilling up in my spare room. Variety is the name of the game. I've fully stocked up on Precision Hydration, Lucho Dillitos Energy Blocks, Outdoor Provisions Nut Butters and of course some awesome TRIBE breakfasts, bars and recovery drinks.

The Ickworth Hotel, Suffolk

The kindness of strangers has been overwhelming. Thanks to Luxury Family Hotels ( at The Ickworth, in Suffolk, I will have welcome rest after the first week of running. Thanks to Mark Harris (@markharrisuk) at Woodyard Cottages, in Lincolnshire (@woodyardcottages), I will again have somewhere relaxing to spend a couple of nights.

The virtual challenge is slowly taking off with people opting to get together with 10 friends or colleagues to run/walk the distance or getting another person to ride the distance. Join up here.

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