• Tom Crossland

Day 85 - One more day, One more dawn, One day more

Kingswood - Windsor 48.4 km (2836 km done)

Start Time - 8.36 am

Finish Time - 15.41 pm

Moving time - 5 hours 33 mins

Vertical Gain - 201 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 21 C

Min - 17 C

Max - 25 C

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So here it is, the final day, the last run of about 46 km. I am not sure I really believe that I have completed such a long run. I have very mixed emotions about tomorrow, but I am sure that once I get up and get going, it will all fade in to nothingness and I will just have fun. The timings are tight for tomorrow, which will put pressure on me to move efficiently through the day, but I am confident it can be done, I will just need to keep moving and not hang around at the van as I have been doing. If I am running late there is a part of the route coming in to Henley which I can shorten by about 3 or 4 km if I need to. Whatever happens tomorrow will be a special day.

Anyway, enough about tomorrow. The only day that truly matters is today, yesterday has gone and so cannot be changed, tomorrow never comes and so cannot be changed. Today is the only day that can be changed.

It was a lovely relaxed run today, and great to be running again with the Running Crew, I feel like they have been with me throughout this journey and I am so glad I can share these last days with them. I felt strong today, my legs just seemed to keep going and so we finished super early. I just enjoyed today and tried not to think about the enormity of what I have finished. I turned left for the very last time and ran under the M25 for the forth and final time. I retraced my steps through Windsor from the first day on 2 June. I feel like it was a lifetime ago that I struggled through the first day in 30 degree full sunshine. I have learnt so much from my journey about running and community.

Strangely and coincidentally I met Tim on the tow path just after/before Hampton Court Station, where he left me on the second day to switch vans due to the afternoon delivery happening at 11.30 am. It was so amazing to bump in to him to say hi. This chance meeting started me reflecting on everything that has happened since Tim left me in Cromer all those weeks ago, I am sure the scale of what I have done will sink in slowly over the next few weeks. Although it feels like I've been running forever I still struggle to see it any more than I got up and ran for a few months. As I have always said I'm just a person out for a bimble.

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