• Tom Crossland

Day 83 - The penultimate left turn

Arundel - Hurstpierrepoint 50 km (2739.8 km done)

Start Time - 8.53 am

Finish Time - 17.02 pm

Moving time - 6 hours 18 mins

Vertical Gain - 515 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 24 C

Min - 20 C

Max - 31 C

Support Runners

Ross Allen

Chris Scott

Cathy Timmis

Rachel Bee



As I get closer to the end, I ca definitely feel myself relaxing a bit more each day as it becomes more and more likely that I will actually finish this beast. I am not sure I was aware I worried about not finishing, but as the days pass I am feeling a lightness. The only other time I have really experienced this type of feeling, is after the long day on a multi-day ultra. This is the time that you realise that the major hurdle is out of the way and barring any disasters the race will be finished. Today's route did not disappoint spending much of the day along the sea front. I dropped back down to the sea and then stayed on the prom pretty much all the way until I turned north at Hove.

I really enjoyed today, I have enjoyed other days but today is the first day, I think that the end is so much in sight which gave today a different feel. Today was the day that I turned north again and away from the sea. I have said goodbye to the sea for the last time on this journey. There have been days when I have been inland a little way and not seen the sea, but it has been a constant companion, there on my right. After spending much of the last three months not far from the sea, I fully understand why people are drawn to live by the sea. There is something very alluring about being by the sea, which I have not experienced before. I think I am going to miss being so close to the sea.

It was great to share today with great people again who came to support me running today. Ross joined me from the start and again we had some fun with nettles and brambles and under used footpaths, having to find ways around and Chris parked at the end of the route a cycled backwards to meet me. Getting to spend much of the day with Ross and Chris made today even more enjoyable since they are both old friends and sharing some of my journey with old friends was very special and I am so grateful they both made the effort to spend the day with me. I have really enjoyed making some new friends along the way, but there is something about the ease of being with old friends that is relaxing for me.

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