• Tom Crossland

Day 82 - Picture perfect memories

I have had a wonderful day resting up, in Selsey, before the last few days of running today. I was also lucky enough to feature on BBC South Today, my first TV appearance and as part of the recording they asked me to send them pictures and videos of the run. This meant I had to do a mini review of all the images and video I have stored. It is amazing how much I have forgotten from the early days, this has made me keen to spend more time going through all the photos and videos when I get home.

As I have continually written about, I have been absolutely blown away by the kindness and generosity of the running community. There have been too many people that have helped me by running with me during the lap of home. I have always enjoyed crewing and volunteering at races, but this kindness has made me very keen to ensure that over the next few months I give back to the running community. I would love to be able to support or help each and every runner that joined me along the way. However, I think this is a little unrealistic, but saying that, if anyone needs crew then just shout and I'll try to be there to help. I will definitely be spending some time volunteering or helping at local races, after spending time with family and friends. Right now I think this will be before I jump into any races, although saying that, it might be nice to run a 50 k race relatively soon to use the fitness that I have gain over the last few months.

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