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Day 81 - The Refuge Mobile takes over the blog!

Lymington - Boarhunt 46.8 km (2641.1 km done)

Start Time - 8.06 am

Finish Time - 16.02 pm

Moving time - 6 hours 03 mins

Vertical Gain - 414 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 23 C

Min - 22 C

Max - 26 C

Support Runners




So with only 5 running days left for Tom and 7 driving days left for me, I felt it was time to make a solid appearance in this fantastic Blog that Tom has diligently completed for the past 80 days. Even though I was the 2nd choice due to the fact that my predecessor blatantly hadn’t trained or prepared and so dropped out on day 1, I have been his most loyal companion ever since. My tech tells me I have clocked up 4649 miles for this event so far. Tom has completed 1612 miles so he has a way to go to catch me up.

My job has been to carry all the kit and supplies that Tom has needed that won’t fit into his running vest (it has a really small capacity, only a few litres compared to my “back pack” which has the capacity of a hot tub - however many litres that is!).

Tom has had other crew along the way as I need assistance to get around, each one has treated me well and made sure I arrived in time - a good support crew is essential as Tom will tell you. Each one has left their mark with me - they like to be organised so they can be ready when Tom arrives at a checkpoint and sometimes this means they rearrange my contents - I think it is to familiarise themselves with everything, so when Tom says ‘I need….’ they can jump to action. Or I guess that maybe it is a nesting trait and they are trying to feel at home. This does mean that there was always the potential that Tom would never be able to find anything. However I have a system to help Tom and his Team.

For anyone who like to be organised and have everything in its place the back of this van is a dream, and I am going to share my innards with you. It may also give an insight into the planning and prep that is needed for an epic event like this.

On first glance the inside is a jumble but on closer inspection you will see I have a box for every job:

The Really useful box (Bex’s personal favourite)

The Tech box

The Clean bottle box (that also has a knife?!)

The Dirty bottle box

The Food box split into the gels, bananas, bagels

The Coolbox (never without high calorie snacks)

The First Aid box

The Recovery Box

The Carbs and booze box (my personal favourite)

The Breakfast box

The Juice box

This means when Tom arrives at the checkpoint he can dive straight in a get what he needs without losing valuable time.

The rest of me is filled with bags of sleeping bags, Roll mats, Clothes clean and dirty, the generator, the Run to Refuge Flag and the numerous pairs of trainers (I counted at least 4)

I do have a dark side…The untouched back corner (this is like the spot on your back that you can’t see/reach) Tom has free reign here and he assures me it is just camping kit so I’ll have to trust him on that

I have been embellished and developed into an important member of the team and have firmly established myself as TOM’S RIGHT-HAND VAN!

I will be carrying all the essential parts for the Celebration event at Kidmore End Cricket Club next Saturday - please do come and show Tom how proud we all are of his efforts and to help both Tom and Bex sleep well this week let them know if you will be there - There’s a band and you can come and have your picture taken with me for free!!

Tom it’s been a blast.

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