• Tom Crossland

Day 81 - Lifetimes playing out before your blinking eyes

Boarhunt - Arundel 48.7 km (2689.8 km done)

Start Time - 8.22 am

Finish Time - 16.27 pm

Moving time - 6 hours 21 mins

Vertical Gain - 716 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 24 C

Min - 21 C

Max - 29 C

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It is pretty late here so I am going to keep this one very brief. Today took me slightly away from the coast and along the monarchs way up on to the Sussex downs. The paths were, I am happy to report, free from blockages, diversions, nettles or brambles. It was great trail running today along lovely rolling trails. I was treated to spectacular views over Chichester, Portsmouth and out to the Isle of White. They were so good I lingered and paused a moment just looking and reflecting on where I was. I think as I close in on the finish line now the scale of my achievement is starting to sink in. I have run here (well not here exactly but to Arundel) via the east coast Newcastle, Hadrians Wall, the Cumbrian coast, THE WELSH COAST, and to here. That doesn't feel possible, but I have done it. I still feel like the boy at school who came last in the cross country. I still feel like me, but I think this journey has changed me in ways I cannot put into words just yet.

For the first time today, I think I got that end of holiday feeling. The feeling that you get when you have been away from home and are keen to get back. At the same time you never want the holiday to end. I felt that today. I have had the most amazing experience and at times today I felt that if I could keep going I would, but at other times I felt so excited to nearly be home. I cannot believe I will be back at work in two weeks. I will be back at home this time next week. Just two more two day blocks and then it is finished. Have I found what I was looking for? I am not sure yet. Where will this lead me? I am not sure yet. How can I make sure that my project has an ongoing impact? I am not sure yet. For me not knowing what's next is the best thing about this infinite game we are all involved in. Running home and crossing under the arch is just the beginning of a new page in the story. Writing this has bought to mind the image of Deaths library (in the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchet). The picture that somewhere is a book recording my life. The finish of this project would simply be recorded as "Tom runs up the road in to the cricket club and turns the corner to see his friends and family waiting (I hope). Tom runs towards them and under the arch and stops running". It is the next sentence, the next page which will be exciting to explore.

Any way enough of my rabbling thoughts. Keep Smiling.

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