• Tom Crossland

Day 80 - Finally feels like the beginning of the end

Swanage - Lymington 46.4 km (2594.3 km done)

Start Time - 8.42 am

Finish Time - 16.44 pm

Moving time - 5 hours 54 mins

Vertical Gain - 349 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 24 C

Min - 21 C

Max - 29 C

Support Runners

James Hall

Rachel Head

Sam, Jonny, Chris and Andy (Precision Hydration)

Well that makes six running days left! Today Rachel, James and I ran from Swanage to the New Forest and took two ferries. It was great to see James and Rachel again and to spend the day catching up with them. Once again they both ran the whole distance with me. What is amazing is that this is both of their's second ultra. Which considering the times between this one and the last time they ran with me is not that long is just awesome. I am so grateful for their support running with me twice and with fundraising, I am looking forward to seeing them both during the last day. It was also great to meet up with the guys from Precision Hydration and run with the for a few kilometres from Medford quay to Milford-on-Sea. I have been using Precision Hydration for years and so it was great to meet the guys and spend a few kms running with them.

The route today was flat apart from the only climb of the day over Old Harry out of Swanage. Some days my legs just feel good and today was one of those days. I started the day keen to get it done, so that I was a day closer to home, but soon after starting the scenery and company lifted my spirits and in all honesty I really enjoyed the run today. After the last two hard running days climbing up and descending the coast of Dorset, it was brilliant to be able to trot along and tick off the miles. Tomorrow the plan is to set off early to tray and get to the ferry at Hythe at 1210. My timings on this journey have been pretty shocking most of the time and so I have built in quite a bit of slack into the plan and I'm hoping that we hit the ferry just at the right time so that we are not waiting around for too long. The forecast for tomorrow morning is pretty wet so I really do not want to be standing waiting for a ferry in the rain for more than a few minutes, but if I am... I am. To be fair I've had such little rain that getting a bit wet tomorrow is not a big issue, we will get it done.

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