• Tom Crossland

Day 8 - The day of mini-mishaps

Rendlesham Forest - Southwold 42.4 km (turned into 45 km) (311 Km done)

Start Time - 8.20 am

Finish Time - 4.10 pm

Moving time - who knows the watch died

Starting weight - 81.1 kg

Ending weight - 82 kg

Sizewell B (nuclear power plant number 1 on my run)

I hope you all will forgive me, it's going to be short update today with a longer one tomorrow. Do I hear a sharp intake of breath? On what is wrong? Is this another 'Sunday'? Well no its been an okay day. Started out well, with legs that are morphing into feeling normally fatigued rather than absolutely battered. Everything is more or less working as it should. If you've seen all the taping and wondered what's that about, my right knee swelled like balloon and was not exactly functioning the way it should. But I can now report that all is well with my knee as demonstrated by my wiggle dance at the first CP today.

Saying that, this was a day of small mishaps that could have made today mentally challenging. After CP one I decided to add on a couple of kms to the day by not paying attention and continuing up the wrong road for about a kilometre. At that point, I worked hard not to let this impact my mood, by focusing on what needed to be done to rectify the situation. I figured out there were some paths that I could take to get me back on track and got on with sorting that out.

Later on I was following the route on my watch and got to a trail across a golf course that was not a right of way and was very clearly signed as such, so again rather than letting this weigh on my mind I checked the map and came up with a plan B and got on with that.

The last thing really is a sign of the times we live in. My watch with the route on ran out of battery. This was my error for not recharging it last night. This was accompanied with my phone battery being low. If the phone battery died, I really would have no way of navigating. Luckily I had reached the Suffolk Coastal Path and just needed to follow that to Southwold.

At times of mishaps or mistakes, I really work hard to try and be compassionate to myself, I try to think about whether my actions can change the situation. If they can, for example going off course, then I think about what I need to do to solve the problem and do that. If my actions cannot change the current situation, like batteries being dead or low, then try to let those worries go and get on with running. I will also try and make a checklist or plan for the future to stop being in that situation again.

The day ended very well, however, due to the generosity of Nick at Adnams who took me and Tim to the excellent Lord Nelson in Southwold for a drink and a meal.

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