• Tom Crossland

Day 79 - Last three day block

As the sun sets on today and I am preparing for the run tomorrow, it has dawned on me that the next three days is my last 3-day block of the project. After this I just have two 2-day blocks left. This feels very strange, for the past almost 3-months my life has revolved around a 2-day/3-day pattern. Everything has become about this pattern. My washing, do I have 2/3-days kit ready to go in my day bag. Shopping, do I have enough food for 2/3-days. I imagine it will feel different for a little while not living by this pattern.

I think, having tasted the nomadic life for the past few months, I am looking forward staying in place for more than a day at a time. There were definitely times along the way when I have thought it'd have been nice to linger over a village or area longer than I had. On the other hand I am glad I had the schedule, that was published since this made me accountable and kept me on track. Every journey has an end and I think without the schedule, it would have been super tempting to let it drift in the early days, thinking there tons of time to catch up. This would have been a dangerous temptation and one I am glad I did not have. Hitting those daily end points has given me the focus I needed to push on when it was tough. Yes I may have cut a few headlands off here and there but I've been pretty faithful to my plans for the day.

The next three days take me from Swanage to Arundel. The England Coast Path is not yet open much along the south coast once I leave the South West Coast Path tomorrow. This made route planning more tricky today, but with Kevin's help we think we have a sensible route that keeps me off major roads and only involves three ferries. Tomorrow is pretty straight forward since there is stil a coast path most of the way, before I drift slightly inland to cross the Lymington river. At Lymington I pick up the Solent Way to get across Southampton Water. I'm staying inland and picking up the Monarch's Way to take me to Arundel.

With just over a week to go preparations for the last day are in full swing by Bex back at home, with that in mind we would love to see anyone who would like to come along and celebrate with us, but it'd be super helpful if you are planning to come if you could let us know so we have a rough idea of numbers. If you are going to run all or part of the last day with me it'd be useful to know so that we can make sure we don't miss you on route.

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