• Tom Crossland

Day 77 - Now that was a chewy day

Axminster - Littlemoor 50.5 km (2502.7 km done)

Start Time - 8.31 am

Finish Time - 6.32 pm

Moving time - 7 hours 51 mins

Vertical Gain - 1349 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 23 C

Min - 18 C

Max - 28 C

Support Runners

Nicky C

Now that was a long fun day out on the trails, the South West Coast Path and Dorset did not disappoint. But since it was a long day I am going to keep this brief so I can relax a but before bed. As you can see from the information above there was a bit of climbing involved, but I had some great company all day from Nicky, which made the time pass easily. I am happy to report that the footpaths were all clear and accessible and my legs have finally stopped itching from the weekend's escapades.

I was super happy to have Nicky with me today, because I woke up feeling tired even though I'd slept well. For some reason I wasn't really 'up for today' but set off for the south coast as planned and just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I have learnt that however tired I feel at the start, it rarely lasts very long once I am going and today was no different. Before long I was feeling better and moving well, this then continued until the end of the day.

I am thinking very much of the end now and struggling not to wish each day away just so I can stop. I only have eight running days left, eight that is totally nothing. Well not nothing, still around 400 km to run in those eight days. But still eight days and then I am done. How will that feel? How will it feel not to have get up and run about 50 km a day, five days a week? Although I am excited about finishing, getting to the end was never the motivation, it was the process of the run and seeing what was possible. I think that, if your enjoyment comes from finishing it'd be hard to keep going or to keep taking part. I think there needs to be pleasure from the journey, this includes the months/years of training. If you are training simply to get over that line, that is missing the joy that can be found in spending all day running. The finish lasts a few seconds/minutes, the really deep satisfaction comes from fully embracing the process, from the moment you start training all the way to finish line. This includes the hours spent on your own in the rain or dark training. It includes the nights out cut short due to the long run the next day. It includes day after day running the same route. If you can find a pleasure in this then I think you will keep training and running, and then who knows where that will lead...

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