• Tom Crossland

Day 76 - Big days ahead

As with most rest days, today has been a day of looking backward and reflecting on the block that has just been and looking forward to the block that is coming up. I think the last three days tested my resilience more than most days for a long time. When the weather is very hot or very wet, that is a known entity and it then becomes a matter of grinding out the miles. When the challenge is caused by route changes or blockages it brings an underlying level of constant anxiety. Every time I turn off a road and heading on to trails, I am making the decision to give it a go, in the knowledge the trail may be blocked. As I wrote yesterday, it is the uncertainty that is so draining. I could tell from the level of fatigue I felt today that the last few days have been mentally hard work and there could be more ahead tomorrow. But at least this is now a known unknown. The next couple of days are likely to be long days out, covering just shy of 50 km each day and climbing about 1000 meters on the first day and 1500 meters on Wednesday, according to the gpx file, but they are often off by a few 100 meters so they are likely to be bigger days. I am expecting some of the trails to be tough going. I am so close to the end now that I will keep moving forward and facing everything put in my way with a smile and I'll try and remember that "I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I have been."

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