• Tom Crossland

Day 72 - Cymru, hwyl fawr a diolch

When I started along the Wales Coast Path in Fflint all that time ago I said I thought Wales would be the crux of this project. I think I underestimated how true that was going to be. Since Fflint I have run about 1000 km mostly following the Wales Coast Path, with the odd 'short cut' and have climbed about 17,000 meters (which is two times the height of Everest). Considering the total climb for the whole project is about 27,000 meters, it shows how much of this is compressed into this section of the run. Wales has tested my physical strength and mental resolve, but it has been a pure joy to be able to explore such a stunning coast. I have travelled through deserted coves and super busy coastal villages; I have spent lonely days contemplating life and wonderful days meeting new friends; I have learnt a few basic Welsh words and I have had bemused looks from English tourists when I tried them out. The variety has made everyday special and unique. I have to many places I want to return to and linger over. The weather has been kind to me, with only about 4 hours of rain over the month although there were some warmish days. This could have been a very different experience if it had been a wet summer or if there had been an Atlantic storm like last year.

As always on this journey, I am moving on tomorrow and I'll leave the Wales Coast Path early to cross the Severn on the second crossing. I am going to take my time, as with the Humber bridge to full appreciate this crossing. By the end of the weekend I'll be almost on the South Coast of England. The end feels very much as if it is in sight. I have raised almost £13,000 which is below what I had hoped to raise to help the foundation to continue its excellent and important work. If you feel able to please share my website or the foundation's website widely so that together we can bring an end to exploitation and build a more compassionate world.

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