• Tom Crossland

Day 71 - Another first Ultra-Marathon

Pengam Moors - Sudbrook 46 km (2358.4 km done)

Start Time - 8.24 am

Finish Time - 3.19 pm

Moving time - 5 hours 46 mins

Vertical Gain - 150 m

Garmin Temperatures a

Average - 23 C

Min - 19 C

Max - 28 C

Support Runners

Ken Wright

I was once again joined by Ken, which was a great surprise and help for me today. It was really good to be running with him again. He first ran with me all the way back on the Lincolnshire coast and then again in Cumbria. This time we set off with the hope that he could achieve his goal of running a marathon. Not only did Ken run his first marathon, but he was able to continue and complete the whole day, and since anything above a standard marathon is an ultra, this means he ran his first ultra as well. This is an awesome accomplishment and I am so happy that since I met Ken about 8 or 10 weeks ago, my journey has helped him do this. This is truly EPIC and I hope that Ken continues to explore running that maintains his enjoyment of it. I am looking forward to heading up to Lincolnshire and sharing some of Ken's local trails with him, once I have finished this and maybe after a little time off running.

The main word for todays route is flat, the only inclines we encountered were bridges over roads. The trails were very runnable all day and pretty well maintained. From almost the start, we could see today's goal. We were finishing just the other side of the Severn Bridge. Having sight of the bridge all day was a blessing, as it slowly got closer and a curse, since it took a long time to perceptually get any closer. This has definitely been a theme for this run. Being able to see the goal from a long way off, or across a bay/river that means a long inland run is necessary to cross the river or go around the bay.

As I have mentioned too many times now, things pass with enough time. My left quad, that was playing up last week is now fine but today my right hip was a bit sore, which at times made today hard work. It feels like at some point on this run every single muscle in my legs has flared up and settled down again. It is as if they are feeling left out and want to come to the party. Almost like muscle FOMO. My cold has progressed well and I am feeling better, still not 100% but like 80-90% ish, so going in the right direction. The next block of running takes me out of Wales across the Severn on Friday and down to South Coast over the weekend. For those that haven't seen my route, I had to cut off Devon and Cornwell due to time constraints and the need to get back to earning money again. I'd have loved to do the extra distance, but just not this time, maybe on the next lap.

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