• Tom Crossland

Day 70 - How lucky am I?

Nash Point Lighthouse - Pengam Moors 46.2 km (2312.4 km done)

Start Time - 8.43 am

Finish Time - 4.22 pm

Moving time - 6 hours 03 mins

Vertical Gain - 551 m

Garmin Temperatures a

Average - 25 C

Min - 20 C

Max - 28 C

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After waking up with the cold progressing nicely to a bit of cough , as well as the blocked nose, I was not looking forward to setting off this morning, but set off I did as I always do. I was determined to take it easy today, keeping my heart rate low and my breathing easy and so it was nice that the trails weren't too technical and I could move along well enough. I was great to run across the slipway in front of Atlantic College. Now for some interesting facts. Atlantic College one of the RNLI's first inshore lifeboat stations in 1963, the students and headmaster went on to pioneer the development of the Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat or RIB, the RNLI still use the Atlantic class a lifeboats developed from the original Atlantic class developed by students at the school. Sorry if these were not interesting but I had to keep myself entertained today as I ran. The trail took me through Barry and onto Cardiff today with about half on tarmac, although tougher on my legs, it was nice to be able to keep trucking along and eat up the kms.

I had another moment of realisation when I arrived at Cardiff Bay - I had run there - via the East Coast and West Coast of England and the Welsh Coast. It still hasn't really sunk in that I have run as far as I have. I wonder whether it ever will. It seems a bit unreal to be fair. I'm in Cardiff and I got here by running. I think this shows that within certain boundaries, if you put your mind to some and decide to commit to something that you can achieve this.

I say within certain boundaries since I am very aware of the privileges I have had in life and still have. Running past Atlantic College and thinking about the RNLI saving the lives of people trying to cross the channel has made me really reflect on just how privileged I am. I am able to take a career break and take time out of work, not earning to complete this project. This is something a huge number of people are not in a position to do. Although I have cerebral palsy, I am physically able to run, many are not able to. I am able to run through cities and along trails with the knowledge that this is unlikely to be questioned and I am unlikely to get harassed or cat called. This is not the case for the majority of the population. As I have talked about, I have a family that have always supported me and will always continue to support me with my ridiculous ideas, but it is not only my family, I am lucky enough to have a group of friends that also support me and Bex. There are people who have swung into action to look after Bex whilst I am gone... not that she necessarily needs looking after, but it is reassuring to know that she has a network as well. All of the above is not due to anything I have done... it is all due to luck and nothing else.

Regardless of the challenges I have faced in my life, I am very privileged and I would like to live in a world that every single person has the same opportunities I have had and am thinking about how I can help this happen once I have finished this project. What can I do as an individual person to increase equality, equity, compassion and kindness within the world?

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