• Tom Crossland

Day 69 - The end draws ever closer

As the day draws to a close on an extremely relaxing day, I am still feeling a but fuzzy headed and tired from the cold, but I am determined not to let it stop me. It may slow me down tomorrow but I will not stop moving forward. What I am finding hard at the moment is not to a bit overwhelmed by the distance still to go. I know that sounds strange but as I get closer to the end what is left seems to be growing in my head. I wrote a long time ago about the middle third of ultra races being the toughest section for me. In this project the last third is definitely the hardest, mentally as well as physically. I find myself being drawn into thinking a lot about the future, which I did not do at the start or in the middle, it is only since I got to around 900 km to go and it seems it is intensifying as the days pass and the distance decreases. It is becoming harder to only focus on the day ahead and not think about the end of the week. As with every experience on this journey, this is okay, I am 'sitting' with this experience and reflecting on why this might be the case. I am still reminding myself that everything passes and this will pass too, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, but it will definitely change. Anyone that has done something like this or know someone who has done something like this have any tips on how to cope with these feelings as the project slowly gets towards the end.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, I run through Barry (I have decided to miss the loop of Barry Island) and Cardiff and finish just the other side of Cardiff, the day after I continue through Newport and on towards the Severn crossing, but stop just before crossing. That joy is saved for Friday, when I cross over the Severn and head towards Weston-Super-Mare. Both days are relatively short about 45 km I think and both days are flat, with no more than a few hundred meters of climbing each day. My legs are feeling good and have recovered well and I'm hopeful they will enjoy a few days of less demanding running.

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