• Tom Crossland

Day 62 - Another day closer to home

Not much to talk about today, it has been a productive day and with the three of us here the admin has been smoothly done. The most important task to be completed today was nothing to do with the run or me. We needed to speak with the insurance company and ensure that Bex had a way of getting home. This was done and we are all set. Bex will pick up a hire vehicle tomorrow in Camarthan and head over to the recovery company to empty the car, on her way home. I feel a lot more relaxed knowing that this is all sorted.

The next two days take me out of Pembrokeshire and into Carmarthenshire. Both days are close to 50 km, tomorrow is another day with about 1000 meters of vertical gain, but once that is done the route becomes much flatter again with only a couple of hilly days left in the project. On that note there are now only 19 days of running to the end. It is getting harder and harder for this not to play on my mind, it seems so little time and yet that is still around 900 km to 1000 km of running to be completed, if everything goes smoothly. It is hard for me not to think about counting down and focusing on the end. I am trying to stay present and enjoy this last third, but the constant moving, sleeping in new places, meeting new people and distances being run is causing an increasing level of tiredness. It would be really nice to be able to just stop and truly relax for a few days.

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