• Tom Crossland

Day 60 - An unexpectedly eventful day

Marloes - 41.3 km (1941.7 km done)

Start Time - 8.40 am

Finish Time - 3.40 pm

Moving time - 5 hours 43 mins

Vertical Gain - 723 m

Garmin Temperatures a

Average - 22C

Min - 20 C

Max - 28 C

Support Runners

James Kelly

Today started off with some nice running along some gorgeous coastal paths, with James as company. Once again James ran further than he thought he would with me when we set off. I did not feel too good this morning, having not slept brilliant last night for some reason. The bed was comfortable and the accommodation was good, but I just could not fall asleep. In spite of this we were moving well along the Pembrokeshire Coast line, admiring the buzzards and chuffs as we ran carefree, perfect weather and scenery. This all changed when we arrived a CP2 and Bex called me to say she had had a shunt on the motorway on the way to support me, near Swansea. She was and is all okay. No one was hurt, which is the main thing, but the car was not drivable. At this point James sprung into action, called his wife Jill, to ask if sh would be able to pick Bex and Bolt up from the services on the M4. Now this was not just a 20 minute run, but about an hour and a half journey. This was such an amazing, generous and kind thing to do for someone they'd met this morning for the first time. I am not sure how I could have continued today if this did not happen, I felt reassured that Bex (and Bolt) was going to be collected and the car could be sorted later.

James and I set off again, leaving the logistics to Jill, my dad and Bex. The running was okay and we still had some great trails and scenery, but it wasn't quite as carefree as before. I just kept telling myself that there was nothing I could do and I may as well be running. By the time we got to the finish point today Bex was in the car with Jill on the way to our location, but still over an hour away. Then James invited us to their home for a BBQ dinner and asked Jill to pick up some food on the way home. The level of hospitality and generosity of Jill and James was above and beyond and really saved the day for us. I am going to finish here for today because it is late and tomorrow is a 50 km day along the coast path again.

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