• Tom Crossland

Day 59 - Geology Rocks

Whitesands Bay - Marloes 47.7 km (1900.4 km done)

Start Time - 8.38 am

Finish Time - 5.09 pm

Moving time - 6 hours 49 mins

Vertical Gain - 1272 m

Garmin Temperatures a

Average - 20 C

Min - 17 C

Max - 25 C

Support Runners




Well the forecast storm definitely hit us during the night, it was extremely windy and there was a lot of rain. I slept through most of it, including the thunder and lightening, Steve however didn't sleep that well at all and experienced the worst of the storm. I think this was Wales telling Steve that it did not want him to leave and throwing everything it had at him. It was Steve's last day with me yesterday. I have really enjoyed getting to know Steve, who like John, I had met once before he came to join me. Again he has been essential to my completion of this project and has been extremely patient with me on days that I was struggling with the heat or the terrain, and has kept me going. Last night he handed the baton over to my father, Alan. Who is now my copilot until 8 August by then we should be nearing the final few days of Wales.

Back to today, as we drove to the start for today, the rain was pretty constant until we reached the start car park so there was no need for a change of route. We headed off along the coast path, which was much more runnable than the past few days and my legs were recovered, with no more tripping up or stumbling. Even though the elevation gain was very similar to other days, I just felt more in control of my legs and like I was able to run more consistently all day, hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same. There should be less evelation gain, with only 600 meters of gain over the 43 km. It will be nice to have a bit of flatter day. I am loving the rugged coast around Wales, but it is quite punishing on the legs and on the mind, having to concentrate all the time on the trails. This definitely keeps you mindful and engaged when running, but does mean there are fewer opportunities to look up and appreciate the landscape. I am still trying to pause regularly to take in the surroundings and to really look around.

The Sleek Stone

Tom joined us for a section and showed us some unique geology, the Sleek stone. Which I now know is a whaleback formation, apparently this is a monoclinal fold, with more erratic rock nearby. I love the idea of erratic rock, it conjures an image of a rock swerving all over the place, maybe having a had few too many and behaving erratically. I'm sure that's not what it means at all, since, although Geology Rocks (sorry), really rocks just sit there and behave rather sedately and not at all erratically. This is not at all the worst of the jokes that were coming out today. One of the best came from Tom. What do you call a donkey with three legs, has sand in his eye, listening to country music, which is quite tall and slim and smells really really bad... Stinky dinky lanky honky tonky winky wonky donkey.

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