• Tom Crossland

Day 58 - Improvise, adapt, overcome

After the day of rest my legs are feeling recovered and I feel ready for the next few days of running along the coast path (if the weather is too bad) and to continue on my journey. I have been extremely lucky with the weather so far, with only two days of bad rain and two days of rain for about an hour, the rest of the time it has been dry, if a little warm at times. It has seemed that for the most part that the bad weather has just about missed me. However, now it looks like Storm Evert is going to come along to join me tomorrow, bringing heavy winds and rain. This means it looks like tomorrow could be a challenging day in the office.I think there are some inland routes I could take if the coast path is too exposed, it is not so much the rain that will cause the problems tomorrow, but high winds on the coast. I am just hoping my luck continues tomorrow and the storm somehow by passes me a little or blows through over night rather than during the day tomorrow.

I think there are two or three people joining me tomorrow and so at least I'll have company if it turns in to a bit of a slog. I am really looking forward to meeting some new runners and learning about their stories. It's been amazing meeting new people and getting to know them a little. I feel I have shared some really good days out with some amazing people, all coming out to help me.

I am struggling for signal to post this and the 4G keeps dropping so I am not going to push my luck any further. I will leave this here for tonight and will let you know how good the weather is tomorrow evening. For now I'll say nos da.

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