• Tom Crossland

Day 57 - Legs not playing ball

Penrhyn - Whitesands Bay 40 km (1852.7 km done)

Start Time - 7.45 am

Finish Time - 3.39 pm

Moving time - 5 hours 54 mins

Vertical Gain - 845 m

Garmin Temperatures a

Average - 24 C

Min - 19 C

Max - 32 C

So that didn’t go to plan. This morning I left the start and headed along the coast path towards Fishguard really enjoying the terrain and challenges it bought. The scenery was absolutely stunning and the path, although slightly technical was mostly runnable or so I thought. My legs then started to let me down a bit. I kept catching my toes on rocks and roots, but nothing that bought me down, I think my legs were just reminding me that they are tired. No issue I thought just keep going they will sort themselves out. I got to CP1 where I met a PCSO, who had hoped to run with me but was working. We chatted in the rain for a few minutes and then someone from the houses opposite came out to talk as well once the shower had cleared. I set off again and took a more direct route to the next checkpoint which in the end did not follow the coast path at all. No matter, I thought and got back on track after CP2 on the stunning coast enjoying the technical terrain but taking it sensibly. There were some really amazing climbs and descents that on fresh legs would have been blooming great fun. I thought I was in good shape and although I was on my own I thought I was doing okay. My legs on the other hand had other ideas. Due to my CP, my left achilles is tighter than the right and that means that my left foot has a toe drop. When I am tired this is exaggerated and part of the prehab I do is trying to equalise both legs.

I am relatively used to hitting the deck during training but surprisingly (to me anyway) I have only tripped like 5 times during this whole run. Today though I tripped and caught my leg on a rock. It just grazed my leg (there was blood), it did not do any serious damage. As usual I got up and carried on and within a few km I caught my toe again and stumbled a little. I am usually confident in my ability to keep going and cope with whatever happens, but, for some reason today this shook me up a bit. There was no phone signal and I was thinking about if I had hit the rock slightly differently I could have really hurt myself. I got to CP3 at 25 km, with 22 km of coast path still to go or I could choose the less interesting inland route and follow cycle rout number 4. This is what I did, by taking the cycle route I shortened the day to 40 km, I was on tarmac, on a road, so could move more quickly. I still got to Whitesand Bay, which was the target for today and I spared my legs for the month to come.

I am now sitting in a Tipi looking over a valley, with a glass of wine reflecting on the day, I am hoping that my legs will play ball on Friday, otherwise the next few days will be very long and challenging.

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