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Day 55 - 27 marathons left (maybe?)

As I was doing my admin for today, I had a look at the remaining running days of this project and realised I only have 27 marathons to run. That is only 24 days of running and only 24 ultras to run before I truly get back home. In my mind, this has made the whole project achievable and probably is a small enough number to start counting down. I am still not wishing the run to be over. I am still appreciating every day, all the highs and especially the lows. I think that it is only through the hard times in pursuits we are passionate about we learn the most about ourselves and the passion. For me this comes from running long distances. It is the toughest run that I think I have learnt the most. I have learnt my current limit. This means I can go away and make choices about whether to train differently and test those limits again or I can choice to be happy with those limits. Either way I cam stronger and having learnt something about myself.

I didn't mention much about my day yesterday but it was lovely to get back to an area of the coastline that I am really familiar with. Bex, Bolt and I had a great holiday here last summer and we spent some time walking these coastal paths. As I turned a corner yesterday I was confronted by a cliff face with a really impressive geological fold, which Bex had waxed lyrical about the year before, I stopped to take a photo and it brought back memories of a great holiday. The rest of my day was on familiar paths and I am excited to be heading off tomorrow from Aberporth on paths that I have travelled before.

I have also not had any company on my runs for over a week now and tomorrow I am hoping that I will be joined in Aberporth beach car park by a new friend who will hopefully mark the end of my alone time...I'm looking forward to running through Pembrokshire and being able to enjoy the experience with others. Although, I have just found out there are a number of sections of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path that are only accessible at low tide. There are two sections that are only walkable for 2 and a half hours either side of low tide. Does anyone know any local canoe clubs that might help me get across or maybe it now my time (as Rob is always trying to persuade me) to test my open water swimming to get ready for a triathlon. I have some more research to do on my next rest day, since these sections are not until next week, but forewarned is forearmed.

A number of years ago I read The Ultra Mindset by adventure racer Travis Macy. In it he suggests 8 core principles that he believes will help in sport. The one that has stuck with me is the first principle "It's all good mental training". The idea here is to find the value in everything you do, no matter how monotonous or boring it may seem or how hard it is at the time. It's nice to have training days or in practice when everything goes exactly to plan and you come away feeling great and get on with your day. I think if every session is too perfect and you never struggle or things don't go wrong occasionally, you never learn that you can cope or how to avoid that again. Each time you have a hard session and get through it you have a larger well of experience to draw on.

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