• Tom Crossland

Day 50 - The team behind the team

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Glan-y-Wern - Llwyngwril 45.3 km (1634 km done)

Start Time - 7.38 am

Finish Time - 4.19 pm

Moving time - 6 hours 39 mins

Vertical Gain - 553 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 31 C

Min - 24 C

Max - 35 C

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As I set off early again this morning, it already felt very hot and humid and it was clear I was in for another long day in the sun. Although it was a hot day, compared to when I set off at the beginning of June, I was able to keep moving pretty well throughout the day and kept on the rough schedule all day. My legs are feeling good and are coping well with the volume now. Today was also the day that I began heading south again for the first time since coming into Wales. This made me feel like I really am running home.

From very early on in the run, I have had in my mind that I am running home to Bex and Bolt. I am not wishing the days away, however, it has been important to me to visualise the finish and what running back home will feel like. In my darker times, this has really helped me to keep going. I have no idea how I could have done this without Bex there by my side. Before I started and during the planning stage she was there making sure I had everything we could think of in place. During the run she has been beside me every step of the way, in my thoughts or on the phone, picking me up when I am down and just being there for a chat when I am doing well. This, like most endeavours in my life could not have been done without her.

I may be doing the running bit, but I am sure it is just as hard being the one left behind. Everyday I am having new adventures and getting to follow a dream I have had for years. Bex is at home, on her own (well with Bolt), going about daily life, only getting small snippets about how I am doing and what is happening. I have tried to keep this in mind throughout the run. I am sure I have not succeeded at times and have been self obsessed, when she had had a hard day and just needed someone to talk to. I know that she has a group of people around her, checking that she is doing okay and that are there for her if she needs them. There are too many people to mention, but I know you know who you are, so if you are reading this. Thank you from me. You have done more than you realise to make the run a success.

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