• Tom Crossland

Day 5: The lowest low and the highest high

I'll be the first to admit that I reached the very lowest points today - feelings I've only read about and heard about before. It's not that I was upset, or felt that I couldn't do this, but it was just overwhelmingly emotional. Tiredness just made me find it so tough through the fog.

If you've been following along on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you'll have seen what happened as a result... Tim and Bex managed to get the call out to local runners in Colchester, and they responded so amazingly. I can't say enough about everyone who answered the call, from Louise, Siobhan, and Darren to everyone who has reached out on text and social media to lend their support and offer to help in the coming days, and even the person who spotted me and donated some jelly babies in Colchester. It was such a touching response from the running community in Colchester and you should check out the 'Running Colchester' Facebook group if you're a runner in the area - everyone was so supportive!

The day became so much easier after that, and the thing that really hit home for me was a sense that people *do* care. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do that story justice right now, so this is just going to be a short 'placeholder' post for me to expand on later... suffice to say that when you're trekking across the country all on your own, it's easy to wonder if you're the only one who cares about what you're doing. Today certainly answered that question. This is our latest finish, I still need to do some of my recovery routines, so I hope you'll forgive me for coming back to this tomorrow when I am not about to collapse of tiredness. But I did want to get something out tonight so that you had it raw - I hope I can still capture some of what I'm feeling tomorrow.

Thank you Running Colchester!

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