• Tom Crossland

Day 48 - Hiding from the sun

We are currently staying in Captains Cabin, kindly and generously provided for us by Julia and Geoff. This has made today extremely relaxing (apart from the last 5 minutes when I lost the van keys) and I have been able to stay out of the sun and the heat all day. We have got all the admin completed, the washing done, videos uploaded and I have been eating all the food. I have decided to try and get an early start tomorrow, to try and get a bit more of the run done before the afternoon heat really sets in. My legs are feeling great and ready for tomorrows 50km. With this in mind I am going to make this post very short so that I can relax a little before an early night.

I will leave you all by saying my friend, Gemma, has let me know today that they are donating a helicopter ride for two, with chocolates and a glass of champagne and are doing raffle with this as the prize, all the proceeds from the raffle will go to my campaign for TRIBE Freedom Foundation. Tickets are a total steal at £1 each or £5 a strip. If you would like some tickets, and really who wouldn't please click this link - - and leave you name and email and Gemma will be drawing the winning ticket on 31 July.

With I am going to leave this here today, let's see what tomorrow brings.

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