• Tom Crossland

Day 44 - The count down to home starts

I am now halfway through this run. I am not sure that has really sunk in yet. Today has been just like many of the rest days I have had. Yet from tomorrow I have fewer days left than I have already done. It is strange, this milestone definitely does not feel as monumental as the first 1000 km. I am simply feeling relieved to still be going and a building sense of confidence that I will finish this project and will be back home by 28 August as planned. I am still being cautious though, there is still a long way to go. Just over half the distance is still to be done and I am sure there will be significant challenges to overcome ahead of me. I haven't looked too closely but I'd think that the majority of the vertical gain is still ahead of me, having been along the west coast of Wales and the south coast of England before.

It feels as though I am moving into a new phase of the project, which each day having a good amount of vertical gain in it. Up until this point the route has been pretty much flat apart from the odd hilly day, there has not been a sustained period of climbing and descending. There has also been a lot of roads or proms up until this point, I think that over the next few days I am transitioning into much more trails. I am feeling ready and eager to meet these different conditions head on and try to deeply experience what the trails bring me over the next few weeks.

I am sure the next six weeks will teach me as many lessons as the first six weeks. I am sure I will be repeatedly humbled by the kindness of others. I hope to meet some more incredible people when they run with me. I am going to stay open and present to each moment so that every day stays with me for the rest of my life. There are so many people in the world or in the U.K. who are not a lucky as me and do not have the freedoms I have. I am going to remember them as I am moving through the landscape. I will continue to spread the message that we need to stop modern slavery and end human trafficking. I will work harder in the second half to engage as many people as possible and to encourage as many donations as I can. I am at around £9500 now, it'd be cool to get to £10,000 before the end of the weekend.

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