• Tom Crossland

Day 42 -Expanding horizons

Flint - Abergele 43.30 km (1368.2 km done)

Start Time - 8.33 am

Finish Time - 3.48 pm

Moving time - 5 hours 39 mins

Vertical Gain - 160 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 24 C

Min - 21 C

Max - 28 C

End of day weight - 77.0Kg

Support runners today

Ellie Eccles (@ellieandthebears)

Andy Pusey (@andypruns)

Vic (@thehappyrunner)

I was a little concerned setting off today that my stomach would not hold up, or after three days off running my legs would not feel right, so as we set off it was a case of regular checkins with my feet, legs and stomach. I can report that all was good and still is good. It was great to be back out on the trails and moving forward. It was superb to have Ellie, Andy and Vic out with me today and helping me get through today, making the kilometres fly by.

I am really struggling with what more to say tonight. It really was great to have a shorter day ahead of me this morning, just that knowledge meant that we really could take it super easy today and I was able to enjoy the north Wales coast at a relaxed pace with no pressure of finishing late.

We spoke a bit about how as you start running longer distances, you meet more and more people doing longer distances and your perspective of what is normal changes drastically. Each time you step up in distance, the previously intimidating distance no longer is as big in your mind. We were talking about this because Ellie has recently run the Summer Spine Race which is 270 miles and now sees 100 mile races not as daunting. It is as if there are barriers in our minds and once you have broken them down the world opens up more and becomes full of possibles. I think the same goes for life. When there are big challenges in our minds and we overcome them, next time their size is reduced. When we are given a new task or project at work, it takes a lot of mental resources to complete it. Once this has been done a few times, the resources reduce substantially. Linking this back to finding our own epic, the problem is that once you have achieved your epic it is likely we will need to start on the hunt for a new epic that gets the same juices flowing. Then you end up doing something silly like running around England and Wales for funsies.

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