• Tom Crossland

Day 30 - A strange nomadic lifestyle

I was having a conversation with Jemima about what I could write today, because this rest day has been extremely relaxing and we got everything done and sorted early. So all in all a very good day. Jemima was commenting on how strange this way of living is. I must admit the constant moving on is pretty relentless. John mentioned that although he had really enjoyed crewing and would be happy to help again if I got stuck, due to unforeseen circumstances, that a two weeks was long enough for him. It is not easy to be constantly on the move.

Every night or two is a new place to stay, a new bed to sleep in, some new people to talk to. I am always thinking about the next block of running and what needs to be done to get through to the next day off. This makes me think of Timothy Olsen, who is cutting trying to beat the record for the Pacific Crest Trail, which is 3000 miles long I think. It seems compared to that, I am taking an easy time of it. I cannot imagine what he must be going through, always thinking I must push on and keep going. At least I have an end point each day. I can break the challenge down and only focus on that day or three day block. I have learnt how to make myself feel relaxed wherever I am and am now able to sleep in which ever bed I am in. This nomadic lifestyle has also enabled me to experience the hospitality of people, who are willing to wash my clothes for me, let us use their freezer and fridge, cook for us and get up early to give us breakfast before we leave.

On that note, tomorrow is a new day and we will be staying in a new place tomorrow night, 50km further on this crazy adventure I am on. Tomorrow I am going to be rejoined by the legends that are the Running Crew. Kerry and her crew have come across the country to spend two days running with me. This level of kindness just blows my mind. I am so grateful to them for taking the time out of their lives help me alone on my way. I am really looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow morning and I am really excited to be getting back to the coast and to start my long journey to the south coast.

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