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Day 3 - Wet but fun and great

Kew - Barking - 34.7 km (2989.8 km to go)

Start Time - 9.27 am

Finish Time - 2.30 pm

Moving time - 4.22 hours

Starting weight - 80.3 kg

Ending weight - 79.5 kg

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 20 C

Max - 26 C

Min - 18 C

I struggled to "switch on" today, whilst I slept very well I woke up feeling really foggy, both mentaly and physically. I felt like I was functioning fine, but the evidence suggested otherwise - I was dropping things, forgetting things, and generally being even dopier than usual.

The new van is... well, working, without the additional distractions of engine warning lights, so onwards and upwards. That's one 'niggle' sorted. But unfortunately another one has reared it's ugly head... we have no idea where the Go Pro is... we know we had it in the house last night, and we know it's not there now. The deduction is that it's somewhere in that van, and Tim has spent much of the day unpacking and repacking the same bags and boxes multiple time looking for it.

That aside, we drove over to Kew where the day started out with a chat with an interested bypasser who saw the van and wondered what on Earth we were up to - it looks like those magnetic signs were a good investment! After buying Tim a coffee in exchange for being allowed to use the coffee shop's toilet, I was still struggling to get the juice going and Tim basically had to kick me out of the van.

As I headed off I was ready for a very long grinding day due to my tight hip, I was kind of expecting a death march... when I left Tim I told him I would see him "at some point", almost dreading the road ahead. All it took was 10mins though and I started to feel surprisingly better. I tried out a few different running paces, and whilst not the best form ever it did work. In my mind I had figured if I could run for a minute and walk for a minute then I would halve the pain. After about 20 mins though it turned out that didn't feel necessary, and i settled in to my normal 9 minutes on 1 minute off.. and there ended the death march!

From there on, sogginess aside, the day went very well for me. My hip had eased off enough that Chelsea arrived faster than I expected, and the run felt good. From Chelsea I set off to meet up with a few people from Tribe - we'd arranged to meet up somewhere around the iconic Tower Bridge, once I'd given them a call at Westminster. On my way the South Bank was really busy, with lots of really wet looking people... I guess I was one of them! I met up with Will and Ellie and there was a bit of comedy faff as I'd underestimated my running ability and overshot the photo op, but finally met up with the giant Tribe bar at Limehouse (hope you saw that on Instagram somewhere!)

At Limehouse I met up with Jamie, who ran to the finish at Barking Park with me, and that was awesome! So nice to have some company for a run for a bit, and it put my mind at ease about tomorrow a lot... I've been a bit nervous about the prospect of having people running with me if I'm honest, but I'm feeling really positive about it now.

What I wasn't expecting was being stopped by a couple of guys who said they didn't have any work for tomorrow and asked if we knew where to find some. I felt a little guilty that I couldn't help, but I'll say one thing: that's three strangers who just came up and spoke to me in London... maybe that's a myth about the big smoke busted?

Tomorrows plan

Plan for day 4 - 55 km Barking Park to Maldon (Tribe are joining).

Setting off from Barking Park between 8.00 am.

CP1 - Upminster Station - W3W Bride.lively.insert at 11 km

CP2 - Herongate - W3W ally.throw.muddy at 22.8 km

CP3 - East Hanningfield - W3W winks.octagon.smoking at 44.4

End - Maldon High Street - W3W brighter.motive.survived

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