• Tom Crossland

Day 28 - Second left turn and 1000km

Seaburn - East Wallhouses 50.2 km (1013.5 km done)

Start Time - 8.44 am

Finish Time - 4.54 pm

Moving time - 6 hours 33 mins

Vertical Gain - 540 m

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 25 C

Min - 19 C

Max - 31 C

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As I lay here at the end of another day reflecting on what made today different from a lot of days so far. I think there is something about leaving the East Coast and heading across the country that has made this day particularly special. I also think this coupled with hitting 1000km this afternoon, is a marker in the sand to myself. Although there is double what I have done, plus some still todo, for some reason hitting this purely arbitrary number has increased the belief that I will get this done. I am sure there are some dark days still to come.

I am also conscious that for me, the middle third of a race is when things get really tough. The excitement of starting has faded, there is still more than half to do and so there is not the thought of being closer to the finish than the start to keep you going. It is the middle where the real work gets done. This when the trails start teaching their deepest lessons and you learn most about yourself.

I am keen to see what the middle third will be like for this run. Is it going to be the mentally toughest part? or will that come later? Is this period going to be the same as the last 1000km? What will I learn about myself? Only by pushing on will I learn the answers to these questions.

This journey has already taught me so much about myself and only by pushing on and by giving everything attention, acceptance and awareness, will I continue this learning and increase the acceptance of the deepest, darkest parts of myself.

As I crossed that imaginary line, thoughts surfaced about people in my passed who picked on me. One person especially came to mind, I won't name them, but needless to say they have had a large impact on me, as bullies often do on survivors. It is strange how that one single person can have such an impact even in the presence of many more friends. One tormenter, one bully can have lasting effects on people. I am lucky, I found someone who believes in me even when I don't and will push me everyday to be a better person, I found sport especially ultra running and I found a career I love. I think these three things changed the trajectory of my life and have enabled me to put those experiences behind me.

I am not sure why hitting the 1000km mark bought thoughts of those experiences up, but I would love to be able to challenge any of those people who said I was spastic to come and do this. In all honesty I hope they all found happiness and contentment in life, because I am not sure they were happy with themselves at the time.

Turning left was also monumental I my mind. I will run west for a couple of days and the start the long journey south and instead of the sun being on back, it will now be on my face, most of the way home. The next milestone will be completing the Wales Coast Path, which I think is 1400 km, so to me this will be crux of the run... but I get ahead of myself a few days to go before I reach Flint and start that part of the journey.

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