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Day 27 - Drama and changes

As I explained yesterday, after two weeks John left to get back to home and work. After the start with Tim, when everything was new, chaotic and painful, when we were trying to do everything to keep this show on the road between us. I now have a lot external help from my family with managing the various social media platforms, organising and liaising with runners, making initial contacts with local press and generally doing everything that doesn't need me to do it. As I have previously said I learnt a lot from my time with Tim about what help I need to get through the day and what the crew can do for me. This has meant that John and I were able to get into a real routine together. I would not have got through the first 10 days without Tim and I could not have got to this point without John. John has been great at anticipating my needs when I see him and having everything ready for me and has been very flexible when the plan has to change for various reasons. This has made the last two weeks great.

So it was with sadness that we said goodbye yesterday. I felt happy that he was going to be able to get back to a job he loves helping young people and get to spend some time with his partner again. But as they drove away, I did feel a bit alone having to try and remember everything that needs doing to ensure the wheels do not fall off. I have spent the day alone, for the first time in almost a month and I hoped I have got everything done that needed doing.

Jemima has now arrived ready to get on this journey and I am really excited to be able to spend sometime showing her what goes on and it all happens. Jemima and I work together and usually I am pretty private at work, not putting a lot of me life on show. I am interested to see how things change over this week, as by the nature of crewing a run like this, Jemima will get to know a lot more about me and about who I am. As a person outside of the work environment.

The drama that happened today was two fold, when cleaning my teeth this morning an inlay fell out of my tooth. This did not hurt and the tooth all seemed okay, but this caused a few moments of stress as I tried to find an emergency dentist to try and either reset the inlay or put a temporary fix somehow. I was concerned that further treatment would be needed and with us moving on every day this would have been very hard. But it is all okay the tooth is still as good as it was and the old inlay has been reinserted and should hold up, at least until I get home. The next thing that was not in the plan, is that over the past two weeks my phone has started playing up. By today there was only one cable and plug combo that would charge it. I think it has spent too much time getting very wet for extended periods of time. This has meant no charge on the go and one day ending with no charge. This shows the reliance we have on our phones and I am sure no harm would come to me if I was with out a phone for a few hours, but we are using this to confirm CPs and to communicate any changes to the location. I am sometimes using this to check the route or plan a detour. If it needed help, this is my way of reaching out to get it. So I took the plunge and bought a new one, which necessitated a journey to the Metro Centre to collect the new phone and time to get everything I need on it before tomorrow.

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