• Tom Crossland

Day 24 - A day to tough it out

Filey - Whitby 50 km (857.5 km done)

Start Time - 8.22 am

Finish Time - 5.07 pm

Moving time - 7 hours 05 mins

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 18 C

Min - 15 C

Max - 25 C

Support runners today

Rob Wilby

Rich (BBC York)

As we sit here waiting at the chippy for some chips for me and a fish super for John, I am finally starting to warm up after a day of rain. I'm realising just how tired I am this evening after being out in the murky misty sheeting rain and howling wind all day takes it out of you. I think I'm also tired due to the earlier than usual start this morning to meet BBC York to do the first of four interviews this morning.

I also had about an hour of being rather concerned that I had followed a small path down off the cliff top into some woods and the path got smaller and smaller, but still seemed to be going in the right direction, until I climbed back out the woods and the path ended at a cliff slide. This meant back tracking a bit and instead of doing the sensible thing, I kept going forward further through the woods, until I reached a traverse of some step muddy ground, with no phone signal, I started to consider the consequences of a slip and a sprained ankle. By then I was committed and down climbing would have been worse so forwards and onwards through woods following tracks that I am pretty sure a human made at some point. I survived just in case you wondered. I am not stuck in some woods just outside Scarborough with no signal and no rescue in sight.

This got me thinking all day about the decisions I was making and what the consequences would be. As I mentioned it was a little damp and windy today and cold. I had on me waterproof jacket and trousers. Running tights, a t-shirt, and two long sleeve running tops. In my vest I was carrying a foil blanket. For most of the day I was running along trails that were probably hard to get to and hard for me to get help if needed. I was wet to the skin and had no dry clothes with me. Now I am sitting in the warm I can say that this was a good decision and I did not need more kit with me. I'm not sure if that is the truth. If I had injuries myself such that I could not walk out, it would have been a very cold and uncomfortable wait for help. I am not sure this means it was the wrong decision, since I have run a lot in cold conditions and have years of training and experience in various conditions and I think I assessed the likelihood of injury and made a judgement based on this. Although, if I had happened to be running in the mountains, I'd have likely taken more warm kit with me, even though I was, at times just as exposed and inaccessible today. I am not sure of the correct decision and writing this has made me wonder if I should have made a different decision. Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble, it is just my thoughts now.

I was blown away that Rob Wilby (Team Oxygen Addict) and Vicky came to see me out on the route, in the lashing rain and wind. It was great to finally meet Rob in person after six years of working with him as my coach. I would say that, it is down to his coaching and guidance and belief that I am here today having finished just over 850 km of running in less than a month. I truly do not think I would have got this far with my running without him.

At the end of the day, my sister Beth and her children, Noah, Penelope, Harriet and Z.A.C.H came to see me as a surprise. This was such a great surprise. What most of you don't know is the number of people that are behind the scenes keeping this on track. Beth has been organising and liaising with runners that want to join me and has been managing all the social media platforms for me. My other sister has been contacting and liaising with media to try and get the message spread as far and wide as possible. This shows just how much of a team effort this is. I think I have the easy task of putting one foot in front of the other.

A final shout out needs to go to Tim Moon, who told me about the cinder track from Scarborough to Whitby, which is slightly in land and so slightly less exposed than the Cleveland way that I was planning on following today.

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