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Day 23 - a new blogger in town!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Having been a keen reader of this blog for some time (22 days to be precise), I naturally jumped at the chance to guest edit for a day.

I have loved having the opportunity to spend a few days with Tom, and really see first hand the preparations and efforts it takes (and will continue to do so) to run around our small island.

We have been based with old friends of mine who have totally embodied the ‘kindness of strangers’ ethos. Kev and Lou gave up most of their beautiful North Yorkshire cottage for two days just on my recommendation that Tom is essentially a good egg - home offices were relocated, days off taken, food cooked, clothes washed - it truly reinforces the fact that good old humanity is alive and kicking.

I have known Tom for over 20 years, and his blog yesterday about a frustrating end was, in a good old Tom way, completely understated. I personally think that today’s rest day was perfectly timed. What I hadn‘t realised was, that a rest day is about as far from ‘Netflix and Chill‘ as you could imagine. Admin galore ensued. Routes planned and tinkered with, photo shoots done, radio interviews complete, radio interviews scheduled, shopping complete, quick trip to get your achilles taped up…… the list does go on.

What still amazes me, even though I think I know Tom well, is that Tom is…….Tom. Yesterday, as he approached the van ‘frustrated’ (maybe the air turned a shade of blue for a second?) he still managed to have a chat with lady who was interested in the endeavour, he smiled and chatted as if he’d done a 10km. Today, when probably all he wanted was to sleep, he was still his genuine, good old Tom like self. I wouldn’t/couldn’t have done this.

So, what is this guest entry about? Hopefully to give you a touch more of an insight into the man himself. For those that are less fortunate than me and maybe don’t know him as well, the resilience of his character is mind boggling. My final message, and my take home from the past few days is “be a little more Tom”.

To all of you that support Tom in whatever way you do, firstly a huge thank you & please, please, please, carry on - in fact redouble your effort!

Route planning

Rest day sports massage

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