• Tom Crossland

Day 2 - the big van change

Egham Station - Kew - 35.5 km (3024.5 km to go)

Start Time - 7.54 am

Finish Time - 1 pm

Moving time - 4.29 hours

Total moving time -

Starting weight - 80.6 kg

Ending weight - 81.1 kg

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 28 C

Max - 31 C

Min - 24 C

It was a short day The started in the glorious Egham Station as I headed off Tim was certain I'd taken the car keys with me. I hadn't they were in the ignition ready for him. And to be honest today I was simply focused on covering the distance in time to pick up the new van, which the lease company had said would be delivered after 1pm, more on this later.

Tim's just asked what I think about when running, today pretty much what time is it, how far and how fast am I moving and does that work for the van. Early on I realised it didn't work for the van so I planned to head straight along Hampton Court Road, rather than around the river as planned.

Everything was going smoothly I met Tim at Walton Rowing Club after running through what can only be described as nondescript suburbia. After stopping at Walton, my left hip had seized up a bit and was a little sore getting going again. Once into my stride everything was good. This was and still is a little concerning, since during the big training weekends this did not happen. I need to trust the process.

I set off again and the best laid plans of mice and men and all that. Within 30 min, the van delivery driver had called to say that he was about an hour away. Tim then set off on his mammoth van exchange mission. He met me at Hampton Court Station to top up fluids, then he set of to go back to my home to pick up the van and turn around and come back to get me from Kew. In the meantime, I kept moving, took the original route around the river and then through Richmond to Kew.

Tomorrows plan

Plan for day 3 - 37 km Kew to Barking Park (a shorter day again to try and sort out my hip).

Setting off from Kew Gardens between 8.30 and 9.00 am.

CP1 - Churchill Gardens - W3W twin.runs.tested at 15 km

CP2 - Limehouse - W3W at 25 km

End - Barking Park - W3W trains.drives.prompting at 37 km

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