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Day 16 - Generosity and kindness

Another rest day has passed and has been relaxing and restful, but productive. I am feeling ready for the next three days of running ahead. Three more days, at just under 50 km a day, to get me another 145 km around the country. My legs are feeling good; the weather has finally broken and is a lot cooler; the food is restocked; and the routes are loaded on to my watch. I have people to run with all weekend and I'm looking forward to getting to know some new runners.

I have been extremely lucky and am grateful for the generosity of friends, family and complete strangers. Today we have had the use of a self catered flat given to us by Mark Harris, the last rest day we were able to spend the day in beach house provided by family friends, then the next night we stayed with the same family. The generosity is blowing me away and is making the whole project so much easier.

The generosity extends beyond accommodation and includes everyone that is helping me achieve my goal. There are so many people that have helped already and so many others that have already offered help. I am enjoying getting to know these new people, discovering a bit about their story and making new friends. I hope that at some point in the future I am able to repay their kindness.

This has really cemented my belief that most people are good, kind, loving and compassionate most of the time and that most people want to help if given the opportunity. Kindness and compassion are things that I try to practice. I think the simple act of being kind can be like a pebble dropped in to water that causes ripples that spread out. These ripples can touch people in ways that I cannot predict.

I am loving hearing how many people are following the journey and how this run is impacting other people in ways which I did not expect when I started. Reading the comments and getting messages from people really does help me keep going through the tough times. I feel like what I have undertaken is ultimately a selfish project. I have the privilege and freedom to do something I love everyday. If me doing this can impact one person in a positive way to see the world in a slightly different way, with fewer limits, then I think my selfishness will have been worth it.

An update on the fundraising, I am now at £6325 and hope to hit £6500 tomorrow.

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