• Tom Crossland

Day 15 - Taking time

Kings Lynn - Skeldyke 46.13 km(563 km done)

Start Time - 8.24 am

Finish Time - 4.50 pm

Moving time - 6 hours 46 mins

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 30 C

Min - 24 C

Max - 36 C

One thing I have got used to on this project is moving much slower than I have in training and in recent races. I am partly putting this down to the hot weather we are having at the moment. The thing that moving more slowly does allow me to do is take in the landscape as I move through it. Today I had Mark Harris running with me, who has recently run a marathon and achieved a PB, so suffice it to say that the pace today was much much slower than he is used to running.

I am always concerned when people join me that they will not be expecting to spend as much time out on the day as we do. So when the time in the day arrived to ask Mark if the he was still okay with the time it was taking, he commented that he was a bit worried about the slow pace before he joined me, but he was really enjoying it. We ran around his area and so spent a lot of time on his training routes. It seemed to me that going slowly and looking around, with someone new to area, changed his appreciation of where he lived. We discovered new trails and met a pony with an awesome moustache.

It seems to me that the ability to let go of the pressure of Strava or the pace splits has been central to my enjoyment of this project, I’ve become (maybe a little too) comfortable with walking when I feel it is needed and running totally by feel. I no longer run by power, pace or heart rate. I speed up if I feel good, I slow down if I feel I need to. This has bought a real freedom to the day. This has not been an easy switch for me and speed is still niggling there for me. I still apologise for being too slow when I get to John, so this is still a work in progress like everything in life, I will continue to practice to appreciate moving slowly and being mindful. It seems like there is a lesson for life there, but I will leave you there to draw your own life lessons.

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