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Day 14 - Reflect and review

Brancaster - Kings Lynn - 47.04 km(meant to be 44 km, 517 km done)

Start Time - 8.43 am

Finish Time - 4.50 pm

Moving time - 5 hours 50 mins

Start weight - 81.1 kg

End weight - 80.5 kg

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 30 C

Min - 23 C

Max - 34 C

Today was the first day that my trusty red line on the Garmin took us astray, we ended up completing a river crossing, nothing too deep but very slippy and steep banks made this tricky operation and lost us a good chunk of time. If I had been alone during this, I may have been a bit nervous for safety etc, but I had Shane with me which just meant that I sent him through the water first and so he got the most covered in mud. After this we definitely spent a good few kms running along an embankment that was to a right of way, practicing what we would say if challenged about being on private land. This was pretty close to Sandringham, although I'm pretty sure this was not part of the Crown Estate. Anyway we survived

Today marks two weeks of Run to Refuge and so it seems a good time to try and reflect and take stock on the past two weeks of running the highest mileage of my life. Physically there are still grumblings happening. I tried changing shoes today, and I have no idea if it was the shoes or the slight tumble I took, but within the first 4 km of today, my hip locked up and was very sore. I was struggling to walk, let alone run. I got my trusty old shoes (when I say old they are two weeks old) delivered to me and hoped that was the solution, for the next few km I was still a limping mess and for the first time, this made me doubt my physical ability to complete this project. However, I kept telling myself that surely it will ease and eventually it did. I can also report, for those who are interested in these things I have one blister from today, not at all painful and totally fixable with some tape. I have some chaffing under my arms, but that is easily sorted by K tape. So all in all physically, I think I am doing okay.

Mentally, seems to be where the changes are happening. I think it is a bit like starting a new job, the first week is draining and with lots of new things to learn, and then by the end of the second week you are settling in and have a sense of what is going on, still with lots to learn. I think I am now in that stage. There is a definite routine to each day, that is pretty much the same. We get up roughly the same time, we start around the same time, the same thing happens when I meet John and van. This routine has meant that I have much more mental and emotional space to focus on the job in hand. This has made me resilient to changes or challenges along the way, and is enabling me to be flexible around this routine.

I have also got into a really good routine around food, I have eaten about 5 water melons, 4 pineapples, a large amount of humus and a lot of bread. As well as, lots of TRIBE recovery shakes and Lucho Dillitos energy blocks (these have been life savers on multiple occasions).

Tomorrows plan - Kings Lynn to Fosdyke - 47.63 km (a change to the posted distance)

I'm trying t get a bit ahead of myself so that if I need to cut a day short I have kms in the bank. I see this as investing in future Tom instead of borrowing from future Tom, which would happen if I ended short and needed to make up the kms later.

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