• Tom Crossland

Day 12 - Resilience and Mindset

Cromer - Brancaster - 52.8 km (470 km)

Start Time - 8.30 am

Finish Time - 6.30 pm

Moving time - 9 hours 12 mins

Start weight - 81.1 kg

End weight - 80.5 kg

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 29 C

Min - 20 C

Max - 35 C

Another late finish and so another short post, I will let everything from the last 3 days settle in to my mind, so I can write something more substantial tomorrow.

Today two things happened that have not happened to me often when completing endurance events. Firstly this morning I felt very nauseous and thought I was going to be sick before I got going. I rarely get this feeling and it was an unwelcome guest. Luckily, this feeling disappeared shortly after I started walking along the Norfolk Coast Path with Fiona, Scott and Cat, but I knew that it was going to be very long day in the office with 53 km to get ticked off.

The second thing that happened was that I accepted this fact and got into the grove of just ticking off the kilometres. I find it strange that there are days that being slow is no issue and then there are days that it makes me angry or disheartened. I am unclear why today was so different from the Sunday of doom.

Although the time taken has got to be one of my longest 50k run for a good few years. At no point did my emotional state go down a black hole. I kept being mindful of Damian Hall's saying "low mood, eat food" and so tried to keeping eating as much as possible. I was on my own for a large amount of today, but again this was not a problem, it just was. It was extremely hot again with no breeze, but this was not a problem, it just was. I love being in this place of emotional and mental resilience, today it felt like anything could have happened and it would not have been a problem.

I would love to tell you that I have some special way of achieving this mindset. I do not. Somedays it happens and other days it does not. Going back to food, I agree with Damian that food has a big part to play, however, it seems that are days when our ability to cope is reduced and everything is hard work. To me it seems these days are the days that be open, with our emotions and receiving help offered.

Before I go today I've got give a massive shout out to the staff from Park House School, who made then journey on a Sunday afternoon to finish the day with me or see me at the finish of the day. This meant so much to me.

Plan for tomorrow - recover and get ready to go again and try to get above £6000 just a few £100 to go, lets get there!

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