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Day 11 - Friends old and new

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Great Yarmouth - Cromer - 51.8 km (417 km)

Start Time - 8.30 am

Finish Time - 6.30 pm

Moving time - 8 hours 10 mins

Start weight - 80.6 kg

End weight - 81 kg

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 27 C

Min - 22 C

Max - 32 C

I finished a tad late today so this is going to be a short post today.

As I have kept waffling on about during the last few days, the thing has struck me about this run is that my simple act of putting one foot in front of another on daily basis is having an impact on other people. Even if the impact is new friends coming to support me running for a few hours.

They are seeing something about a complete stranger, usually on Facebook, and giving up their time to help. One of the people, a new friend, Carmine, who ran from Winterton to Sea Palling with me today (via his campsite for an ice cream stop and to meet his family) was talking about how important it is for good people with positive stories to continue to use social media, since if we don't then all that will be left is the hate. I have been reflecting on this all day and thinking about the power of social media for good. Without it I would not have met so many new friends from this community. But it has definitely been an eye opener about the amount of time co-ordinating social media is taking for the team around me.

But with out all the social media, a very old friend, who I knew from primary school would not have come to see me in Cromer at the end of the day to say hi. We used to be very very close friends and spent many days and nights getting up to no good in our village. It really was all harmless. He had seen what I was doing on Facebook and it had clearly stood out enough, to make the effort to come down and see me at the finish to say hello. This means more to me than he will have known and was very much appreciated.

Tomorrows plan

Cromer - Brancaster - 52 km

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