• Tom Crossland

Day 10 - Tom Tom Day

Southwold - Great Yarmouth 44.4 km (365 Km done)

Start Time - 8.23 am

Finish Time - 3.15 pm

Moving time - 5:42

Starting weight - 81 kg

Ending weight - 80.3 kg

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 29 C

Min - 23 C

Max - 33 C

Today I was joined by Tom Jermy for the whole day and this made the day fun day out. The weather was relatively kind compared to the other days, with some heat at times but usually countered by a breeze and cloud cover.

There were two stand out points of today that seem, in my addled brain, to link together.

In Gorleston, a couple read the sign on the van as we were at the van, and made the effort to come around and have a chat about what I was doing and why. As we spoke, we started talking about how amazing runners are as a community. In his eyes this is different from other sports, I am not so sure, I do think generally people are good and kind on the whole. (But I digress, as Tim and Bex say, in to my hippie mushy kindness waffle). However, there is something that often happens at smaller races and especially at trail races. John, I think his name was, explained that when he used to run in 10k races he was often towards the back of the race and yet when he got to the finish line the winner would clapping everyone else in.

This seems to really sum up the idea of the running community. Apart from a vey few people at the very front of the race, we are not out here competing with other people, we are competing with ourselves or our own fears. There is no such thing as running too slow, if you run you are a runner! Even if like me this is frequently and regularly interspersed with walking.

The second thing that I think links to the this is that as we neared the end of the day at about 26.5 miles, Tom said to me, “I didn’t want to tell you earlier in case you worried, but my longest run until today was 18 miles”. He had never run an ultra and today with me was his first ultra. This to me is awesome. He ran all day supporting me and keeping me going, ensuring that I was doing okay. On his first ultra.

It seems to me that finding your own epic and pursuing that with all you can, is really important. Part of the message I hope to spread during this run is also getting people out of their house finding their own epic and doing what they can to make a start to achieve that.

Tomorrows Plan

Great Yarmouth - Cromer - 49.4km

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