• Tom Crossland

Day 1 in the bag but boy was it a hot one

Gallowstree Common - Egham - 50.8 km (3060 km to go)

Start Time - 8.45 am

Finish Time - 16.30 am

Moving time - 7 hours

Starting weight - 81.3 kg

Ending weight - 80.6 kg

Garmin Temperatures

Average - 28C

Max - 37C

Min - 24 C

Today started off warm and sunny at the local cricket club with about 40 friends and family to see me off. So I set off a little later than planned due to chatting to all the people and then I was off running, it felt super strange to be running regular training routes as the first few hours but really nice to be off. Everything felt good and the nerves soon settled down, then it was just a case of trusting the process and keeping on moving forward.

Running down to the river in Henley was really great the temperature was nice and after the past few months of rain and cold weather it was great to be running in the sun again.

I was moving well and met up with the support crew (Tim) and my photographer (Chris from CDM Aerial Solutions) and we took some pictures, then onwards towards Marlow. By this time it was starting to get hot and the theme for the rest of the day set in. I got to half way pretty much spot on my planned timing, just under 3 hours moving time (there was a lot of faffing today, that needs to change)

From about half way things began to heat up significantly and slow down by similar amounts. I usually really enjoy the heat and running in the heat but with no acclimatisation, it was a tough afternoon. I was just grinding it out and trying to constantly be moving when away from the support vehicle.

I got it done. Key take aways from today - less time with vehicle (should be easier with less heat) - moving slowly is okay as long as I am moving - legs are feeling good - spot on with hydration and nutrition.

Bring on tomorrow.

Plan for day 2 - 35 km Egham to Kew (a really short day due to needing to get home to swap over vans (grrr).

Setting off from Egham station between 7.30 and 8.00 am to miss the heat

CP1 - Walton - W3W showed.boot.decide at 14 km

CP2 - Richmond - W3W at 24.5 km

End - Kew - W3W struck.heap.dangerously at 35.3 km

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