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Calling all schools

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I have always been keen to try and involve children and young people in the project. I would love to inspire them to seek and take on their epic, whatever that might be. For me it is running 1900 miles around the coast of England and Wales. For someone else it might be running the whole of their local park run. I think that whatever your epic is you should go after that and be excited by that.

Since I was a child growing up with cerebral palsy, being active outside was an extremely important part of maintaining my mobility and physical wellbeing. Now it is essential for me to train frequently and do daily prehab exercises, otherwise the muscles on my left side become tight very quickly, the toe drop on my left foot increases and I become even more clumsy.

This has meant I have an appreciation of the importance of activity for children and inspiring them, whatever their ability to get outside and be active. It is very important to me that I try and use what I am doing to show what is possible.

Young people are the future and so it is important to raise their awareness of human trafficking and exploitation. They are also vulnerable of exploitation as well.

"Statistics from the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) show that the number of child victims identified in the UK increased by 45% between 2018 to 2019. COVID-19 exacerbated this issue, with increased financial hardship, thousands of children out of school and youth homelessness on the rise. This needs to stop." - TRIBE Freedom Foundation

Photo by Kate Oseen on Unsplash

It is really exciting to hear about the new collaboration between TRIBE Freedom Foundation and Stop the Traffik.

"This summer, we’re launching a new project with STOP THE TRAFFIK to help prevent child exploitation and increase awareness among caregivers so that parents, teachers, siblings and wider support providers have the knowledge to identify signs of exploitation and access support from specialist organisations. We will be running this in tandem with free training for schools that will equip staff to spot the signs of potential exploitation and be empowered with the correct escalation of suspicions. The project will culminate in a collaborative research report, highlighting the findings from the campaign and helping to inform national child exploitation prevention efforts."

Let's spread the word and get schools involved. If you know any school that would like to be involved in my project get in touch.

If they are on my route, I could visit the school and run with the children around the playground or playing field as part of my daily distance; I could start my daily run from your school; I could give your children a talk about my run, outdoors and properly socially distanced if these regulations are still active; I would also be happy to do a virtual drop-in via Zoom for the whole school or individual classes and talk about my challenge and our progress.

The school could hold a sponsored walk or run. If the school joins in my Virtual Challenge (see the virtual challenge) then the school’s progress will be identified and tracked alongside my progress. Maybe you’re holding a Sports Day and part of my challenge could be incorporated into this event?

If the school likes this idea, they can set up their own fundraising page as part of the campaign page at and help me get to my overall target.

I have a virtual race set up for teams of 10 to cover the same distance. That’s just 2 miles a day for 87 days. You could rally a few teams across the school to compete against each other. This will be £15.90 per person and includes a medal at the end. NB. ALL proceeds apart from the virtual challenge platform fees, will go directly to the charity itself. You can sign up for this via the virtual challenge

I will also be giving regular updates on my blog, have live tracking of my progress and could do video updates for the school.

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