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Awesome Welsh Weather

This week has been a really good week, training has come with its challenges the past three weeks; I do feel that I have been lacking the consistency and volume that I would really like to get from myself. Although, this week is all about getting back to training and dedicating myself to reaching the volume and resilience required to complete Run to Refuge, and do it well.

I went for a glorious walk with a good friend of mine taking in the dazzling beauty of the Brecon Beacons. We walked for roughly 20km, which took about five hours. The weather was warm enough to only be wearing t-shirts; just a really enjoyable day. The next day (Monday) I had tired legs but I recovered quickly enough to complete a double run day (40 minutes very easy in the morning and a 1 hour hill rep session) on Tuesday! On Wednesday I was working hard on organising Run to Refuge, utilising the rest day to its full potential. Overall I've completed 11 hours of training this week.

It was great to head over to the running show last weekend to meet up with a few people and talk all things running. I really enjoyed the day as not been before.

Also, a big thanks to BBC Berkshire for accommodating us in an awesome interview, I'm feeling confident about getting the word out there and they really helped us gain some traction on gaining supporters and possible fellow runners to accompany me along the way (no one is expected to run a marathon in day of course... unless they want to!).

Looking forward to the up and coming few weeks… Only 14 weeks until I find myself at the start line. I am looking forward to the hard work and building some more volume and resilience in my training. Although next week is a rest week, I will still be training at low volume and the following week I will be going back to a much higher volume.

I’ve also had a conversation with Tom and Laragh from TRIBE and hopefully, we will have some really exciting news to bring you in the next few weeks involving TRIBE x Run to Refuge.

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