Between June and August 2021, Tom Crossland ran 2000 miles around the coast of England and Wales to end modern slavery with 

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For those of you who have followed my journey and supported me, firstly thank you for your continued support and secondly lookout for details below for my new Run to Refuge. A run around the English and Welsh coast, totalling 1900 miles, this is 75 marathons.


To those of you who don't know me yet. Hi, I'm Tom, the person behind Run to Refuge. 


Run to Refuge pre-pandemic was a 2000 mile run from Greece to London to raise awareness of the needs of the most vulnerable people in society including refugees and survivors of exploitation and modern slavery.


It has now taken a new direction due to government restrictions and the need to ensure we can stay safe but the mission stays the same. 


I will now be running 1900 miles around the English and Welsh coast over 3 months!


Run to refuge is raising money for the Tribe Freedom Foundation to support their aim of ending modern slavery.


 By making the journey around the coast on foot I will experience some of the challenges that refugees experience and highlight how the right of asylum is fundamental to a compassionate society.

If you would like to donate to the cause please head over to JustGiving and let's end modern slavery together.

Thanks so much 


Who is Tom?

Being born and growing up with Cerebral Palsy has had a profound impact on Tom's life. Walking did not come easily to Tom and he still has difficulties with fine motor control.


Not only is he a full time Clinical Psychologist with in the NHS, he is an adventurer, an ultra runner, he canoes, he is a mountain leader and a Duke of Edinburgh Award leader.

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